Sunday, January 23, 2005

January 23, 2005

Two emails in one day from him, and the second one was really long. He sounds great. Said that he just got through doing the most work that he had done since he had been in Kuwait. He said that it has been raining a slow drizzle for the last day and a half and that the ground is so hard and it won't even soak up the water. He says that it is a layer of mud and slosh a couple of inches deep.


ThePayneofPolitics said...

The families and supporting friends of our loved ones overseas are the true heroes. Without your support, we(the Armed Forces) could not do our jobs effectively. Work hard in your efforts to drum up and maintain support for Michael and all the other troops overseas. It is important for you to be as strong as you possibly can for his sake and yours as well. Keep the faith, and God Bless

Anonymous said...

our prayers are with all of you guys, especially michael. his mother stacy is my best friend, and i know that michael is her world. if anything were to happen to him she would go to pieces. so, if you don't mind, everyone say a prayer for michael and all the others over there fighting for us back home.
we love you michael and pray for your safe return
Miss Patsy


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