Monday, February 21, 2005

Burining the Midnight Oil

He ask me what kind of old people saying is "Burning the Midnight oil". It was midnight his time in Iraq, he did not get it. Delirious from all the sugar.

One happy soldier. The mail must run at all hours of the day and night. He was back online two hours later to let me know that he had received two of the four packages that I had mailed to him. It was like Christmas all over again for him. He was so excited. It sure is nice to know that the little things in life can really make someone happy when they are far away from home.

I can just see him now, as he was tearing into those packages. I can imagine him with this big grin on his face when he saw all of the laffy taffy and smarties. He probablly won't get much sleep, with all the sugar in his system, he will be wide awake. He did not stay online long. Hope he is able to get some sleep tonight. Enjoy all the goodies. Glad I could make his day. Love you Michael with all my heart.


Shelle said...

YAY!! Those packages from home seem to make all the difference in the world. Hope he gets some sleep! :)

Anonymous said...

My Michael finally got his first package this past weekend too. He was thrilled to get all his goodies. I just talked to him this morning, he said I can send all the candy I want. He has a sweet tooth too.
We're keeping your Michael in our prayers.
Love ya,
Betsy Bodin


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