Thursday, April 21, 2005


It is getting really hot over there. I heard from Michael today, and he said he did not drink enough water today and almost dehydrated. I can not imagine how hot it is going to get for them. I thought that the 90's was bad.

I have got to go shopping and search for something that will help him stay a little cooler. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. We can't have them having heat strokes on us.

He was able to stay on-line for quite a while today, which was a change at the new camp. Who knows though, tomorrow he might not be able to get on-line at all, so I will just be thankful and not worry about what tomorrow will bring.


Some Soldier's Mom said...

try here

they seem to have a lot of things... I plan to start sending some of these soon

But just a hint... I have ordered many things to be sent directly to my son (kevlar gloves, Wiley-X shooting glasses, Underarmour, etc.), but except for music CD's and Videos, everything else seems to take twice as long to get Iraq when shipped to the APO (8-12 weeks!) and sometimes not at all... My packages are getting there in 2-3 weeks...

Have them ship the merchandise to you... then you can be sure it was actually sent, check it out and send it on if it's ok or return it if it's substandard.

Some Soldier's Mom said...

oh, and send him lots of Gatorade mix, ice tea mix, lemonade mix... they don't always get cold water --and we all know how appetizing warm water is in the heat... The drink mixes make drinking lots of water easier...

Joseph Emmons said...

I'm a soldier currently in iraq and my girfriend sent me a mistymate ( ).

I have a job that puts me outdoors 15+ hours a day and this has helped quite a bit when the temp rises.

Jen said...

There's also cooling scarves you can get (like bandanas with little mircobeads inside); once you soak them in cold water they stay cool for 48 hours or something like that. I'm a member of Soldiers' Angels, which is how I learned about them. If you're interested, email me at jlkrzys at yahoo.

Jen said...
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