Wednesday, April 27, 2005

R&R soon

He is #76 on the list to come home for R&R, but that could change I am sure. By the way it’s going right now, it should be some time in July when he gets his R&R. Who cares, I’ll take whatever dates I can get at this point. I am still not going to get my hopes up at this time. I will just keep my fingers crossed.

We were able to talk today for over half an hour, which is very unusual. One of his Sargent's got on the phone to let me know that my night owl was keeping them up at night. He says that he is going to owe big time candy and snacks for all the lost hours of sleep. I told him that he could open up his own store with all the packages that he has been getting.

He has moved to another tent, and he said that they should be getting the internet hooked up today or tomorrow. That is going to be so much nicer. He will be able to hook up his web cam and I will be able to see him again. He has received several packages since he has been at the new camp.


Call Me Grandma said...

R&R and the internet, sounds good. I am so happy for you. It gives you something to look forward to.

Some Soldier's Mom said...

no personal internet connections at my son's camp... but I did get to IM with my soldier today and I feel SOOOO much better... although he tells me that they have been taking a lot of mortar fire lately (oh goody?!)

my soldier will get R&R about the same time, but that will be a very long year when he goes back... but you're right -- we'll take whatever time we can get!!

Call Me Grandma said...

Stacy how do you get the Blogs 'I like to Read' over there in the side margin? I have tried and tried. I can't seem to understand what blogrolling is trying to tell me. Could you maybe tell me in layman terms how to do this? I told Dan about you all, and I would like to have links to your sites so he could check out your sons and maybe get a little better feeling about what is going on in the sandbox.


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