Friday, May 13, 2005

Internet problems hopefully resolved

He says that the internet problems should be resolved. We might not want to say that too loud.

We have been able to see him off and on all week on the web cam. Hopefully now that it is fixed, he will be able to stay online without getting knocked off so much. Most of the family was able to see him this week, along with several of his other tent mates.

Michael and Joe thanks for the free muscle show this morning. I am sure that all the kids in my sister's class enjoyed it. They are going to have to issue all new clothing if you all keep going.

Air freshner is on it's way guys, but I am sure it is going to take lots of it to make that tent smell half way decent. I'll keep it coming though, just for you guys.


Call Me Grandma said...

Glad the internet problems may be resolved.
Stay safe guys, and remember Spc. Dan's mom is always praying for your safe return. God Bless you all. Cathy, Spc. Dan's mom

Some Soldier's Mom said...

oooohhh... I LOVE muscle shows!!! send Neutra Air -- works WONDERS in "boys rooms" maybe send lots hahahaha

and we're keeping in our prayers, too!
Carla, PAM of Noah


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