Monday, May 23, 2005

What a weekend!

Sometimes life just isn't fair. My weekend was spent doing nothing. I had to make myself get out of the house and go to town to Wal-Mart to do my weekly grocery shopping and care package shopping. I think that is the only thing ocnstructive that I managed to do.

Michael and I tried talking all weekend long, and yes you guessed it, the internet in Iraq just plain out sucks (sorry about that). It is so frustrating. You start a conversation and the next thing you know, he is gone, then when he finally does come back online, you have forgotten what you were talking about. We did get to see each other on the web cam, even with the two minute delay. I am not sure just what the problem is, but this internet they have is crappy. I guess it could be a whole lot worse, and there be no communication what so ever. At lease I got to see him off and on.

Then to top it off, my computer at work has a virus. What a day I am having.


Call Me Grandma said...

I got an email from my sons FRG, and it said the Colonel wants to inform us about the use of cell phones. It seems they will not be able to use cell phones once they get to Iraq. He suggested good old fashion letter writing.
I sure hope Dan has some type of internet when he gets there.
Glad you got to see and somewhat speak to Michael. I guess crappy is better than nothing, when you are thousands of miles away.

Some Soldier's Mom said...

Stacy - keep the faith -- these are not permanent things -- just disappointing, frustrating things... all curable and temporary! Annoying as hell, but fixable! Glass half full!

To "a military mom": US cell phones do not work in Iraq and although you can buy Iraqi cell phones, I am told they cost about $1.00 per minute. All the bases have access to internet and telephones... and if he's lucky, he'll be at a base with internet (not AT&T) phones -- 4 cents a minute! Only some bases have the private internet access in their tents or buildings. Once the mail system gets up, it takes 10-20 days to get a package and 7-10 for letters and cards.


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