Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Summer nights & weekends at the Lee's

If you are wondering how I spend my summer nights and weekends, then check this out Our Garden, or I should say "My Husband's Garden". I just do the canning and freezing.

I am only in my second week of putting up squash, which is producing daily, and I am already tired. This is just the beginning. Four squash plants, and they have to be picked almost everyday. The tomatoes have just started getting ripe this week. We will have enough to feed ten families.


Mom said...

Wish I had the room to plant a garden. Who am I kidding I can't keep a house plant alive. But I have a corn field out my back door thanks to my neighbors. I have already told them I will help them eat it.

~*~ Deanne ~*~ said...

Looks like you have a lot to keep you busy this summer (which is good). I wish I had time to do have a garden (I love fresh veggies). The kids and work are keeping me busy. Thanks for dropping by my blog too! I put your link in my blog so I can come by and visit often!!

Elizabeth Bodin said...

The garden looks GREAT Stacy! Tell Marcus, Henry, Ike, Bubba, Mater, Booty, and Creature I said Hey! I hope to see you soon! Miss you and love you! bye.

Al's Girl said...

Loooooking goooood!! You did great on Mr. Marcus's site - lol.

You are making me WAY TOO HUNGRY with your yummy vegetables. I need some of those tomatoes and squash. Best squash I have EVER eaten, btw!!


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