Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I have definately learned the true meaning of APPRECIATION for so many things these last NINE days.

LIGHTS...I now know just how my grandparents survived without electricity. I can not tell you how many times that I have passed by a light switch and went to turn it on, and remembered, no lights. I no why they went to bed when it got dark outside and why they would rise at daylight.

WATER...Shower/Bath. That is all I wanted the first couple of days. Then when the water would come on for a few hours a day, I would be like a kid with a new toy. Cold Showers/Baths, I never thought that I would appreciate cold water so much. I can now say I have actually taken my share of cold showers and baths. Don't wish to do it again, but I can now handle it. Don't know what I would do if I had to hand wash clothes all the time. What a job. Terrible for your back also. No more cold water.

ICE...That is another story. For two days I could not find any ice. I am a diet coke addict, and I just can't drink the things hot. But for two days, I actually drank a few that were warm. For those two days, I searched and searched for ice. I will now buy ice trays. I threw mine away several years ago when I realized all they were doing was taking up space in a cabinet.

GASOLINE...I will never again be without gasoline. I have never in my life seen such a mess at the gas stations. People were ready to kill over gasoline. They would get so frantic if they thought that you had not waited as long as they had for gas. I was desperate for gas at one point for our generator. Thank goodness for our soldiers new motorcycle and his truck. Those were the only two vehicles that we were able to get gas from. So that new motorcycle came in handy. I actually appreciated the Motorcycle bein in side my house Michael.

So I will go home this afternoon to a cool house. Just might try to make a little ice inside. LOL...

Thanks to everyone for the calls, emails and comments. They were all greately appreciated. I am actually excited about going home today for once. I should be back to normal tomorrow after very long hot bath. I am sure that it will take me several days to get things back in order, but at least I can get it done with a smile on my face and no sweat.



dacbaumann said...


~K said...

Feels good dosen't it.
I am so happy for you. I have talked to so many about how it would feel to go so many days, let alone weeks. We all agree We don't wanna. Glad you get a warm bath and air. Bet you feel human again.
Enjoy your electricity!!!

Call Me Grandma said...

So glad that you have the luxury of a hot bath once again. The good old days weren't so good.

Wayne's Mom said...

Hang in there, Sister!

Army Wife said...

I have only done that for a few days at a time, and am like you....

appreciated the heck out of those things.

Al's Girl said...

I'm so glad that you got a hot bath last night honey!

And hey - the ice trays will be on me, k? LOL.

Sending you lots of hugs - I know it will take a little while before you feel like yourself again! I am the anti-Christ when I lose power!!

Kat said...

Woohoo!!! AWesome!!!!


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