Friday, September 23, 2005


Sorry Katy I had school last night, and I did not cook, so I am going to have to pass on today.

Thanks to Erik for the audio post. This is great. Well at least it is to me, because I don't talk to Michael on the phone very ofter, and this is a way for him to at least hear my oh so country voice. Sorry Erik, but is is really country. Nothing I can do about it.

this is an audio post - click to play

Michael, I actually did this without tears for once. You will be proud of me.

I love and miss you Michael.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thanks to Holly at Mudville Gazette for the mentions.


BetsyB. said...

I love this new Audio posting. I think you sound great...of course I have that Southern accent too. Michael is going to love it.

Take care of yourself. I keep you and Michael in my thoughts and prayers.

Elizabeth Bodin said...

Hey Stacy. I also like the Audio posting. It is great! Michael will love it!! You sound just like yourself. I hope you are doing well. I miss you! I love you, Elizabeth

Some Soldier's Mom said...

Stacy that is great!! You DO sound just like you!!! That is just so kewl!!! Michael -- your Mom does the the coolest things (big smile).

Melinda said...

What a cool techie thing to be able to do!!!! :) And, how great that he'll be able to hear you next time he logs on. ;0)

Karens Korner said...

Thats great! to be able to here Moms voice is special.

~K said...

Stacy, great post. Love the "Counrty" Maybe I'll do that some day too. Michael must enjoy having you as a Mom. Your so good to him.....
as he is to you.
Have a great day hun. Tell Michael HI for me when you get to talk to him.

Erik Holtan said...

Cool, and I LOVE southern voices.
I was just commenting to all the southerners who said I have "Northern" accent! I do.
It was nice to hear you and I know he has to love it!
Have a good day!

Wayne's Mom said...

Oh, WOW, Stacy!!! The audioblog is WAY cool. I've GOT to know how you did that!! Rebecca

opforsoldier said...

Audioblogger is pretty cool. It is a great way to "Spot blog" from your cell phone while you are out and about!


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