Friday, October 21, 2005


An early morning call from the sand, so you know that I will have a great day. It was so good to hear his voice, even though the delay was really bad, and we were disconnected after 6 short minutes. He says that it is turning cold. I know they are ready for the 130-degree heat to go away. Internet was down for a day. Never good news when that happens. That’s ok, I will take whatever I can get. Thanks for calling, and sorry the delay was so bad.

After Michael sees these pictures of the cat checking out the MOTO, he might not call me back. LOL...I promise she did not scratch it. This was the first time that I had let this cat in the room where the MOTO is. She is the curious kitty around our house, always being nosey.

OK Katy, sorry, but I had to post the important news first. Today's SPF theme is to see pictures of our kitchen before and after it is clean and of our hair before and after we attempt to do something with it. Well I forgot about the hair pictures Katy, so I am only half playing today. This is the best I can do Katy, as I have school on Thursday nights and no cooking at my house, but this is what I found when I arrived home last night in my sink. As you can tell Marcus does not do dishes...

Go on over to Katy's and see who else did not cook last night.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Dawn and I are going on a shopping trip. Fun Fun Fun...


Call Me Grandma said...

Nice kitty and kitchen pictures. The important stuff is that call.
I am so glad you got to hear from Michael.
I got a call from Dan also. First one since he got the net in his room.
Have fun shopping. Have a nice day with your daughter.

Christie said...

happy spf!!

Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

Happy shopping and tell that cat to stay off motorcycles without helmets!

Wayne's Mom said...

You're SUCH a fun gal! Thanks for staying in touch over at Wayne's World! I heard from him last night and he's saying he might be back in the states sometime between Dec 14-17!!

Kandice said...

uh oh! Booty's gonna be in trouble!..haha touchin the MOTO is a NO NO..


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