Saturday, October 29, 2005


Another phone call from the sand today. How nice. Was definately not expecting it. I had not talked to him online in over two days. They have been really busy, and the haji internet was not cooperating this morning, so he called instead. The phones were not much better, as we were disconnected after about 18 minutes. Better than nothing, so I am not complaining.

Slowly but surely, I am learing what will take place between now and the time our unit will return home. As of today, I have heard so many different versions of how and when it will take place, and what we as family can and can't do. So who knows.

I have the last two care packages packed up and ready to be mailed on Monday. I think that I have enough snack food packed in these two boxes to last several of them until they are ready to head home. Tomorrow would not be too soon for us.




Kandice said...

So excited!!..This week may be rough..but it's over soon! I can't wait..

~K said...

I am happy to hear this Stacy.
After my rescent heart wrenching issues, this is the best news I could get. I can't wait to celebrate with you hun. Keep me posted ok.

Al's Girl said...

Glad you got that call, girl! The phones finally came back up today - yay for the DSN Line!

Elizabeth Bodin said...

I know how you feel Stacy. He surprise me too with a call. It's so nice hearing that voice on the other end. I am also counting the days until he comes home!! We need to hang out sometime. Love you!! Elizabeth Ü

Some Soldier's Mom said...

Yes, Michael -- Stay safe and be careful... You may not be a single digit midget yet -- so pay attention! Eyes up, butt down!

And Stacy, stay calm... eventually they'll let y'all know what's what (or Michael will!)

Call Me Grandma said...

I am so glad to read that. Praying for a safe and sound return. May God Bless you Michael for all that you do for our country. Come home soon!

Greg said...

Remember what I said? You stand in line for a phone that sux. Glad you got the call.

yankeemom said...

I'm so happy that your Soldier is so close to coming home!! May there be no delays and may the time fly by!!


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