Friday, November 11, 2005


I went back out to the Healing Fields this morning to show my parents and their friends from Bude Cornwall, UK the Field of flags, and what a wonderful experience again. I was able to thank a Soldier in person. I had noticed the Soldier carrying roses, and I watched him as he layed three roses at the base of several flags, and if you know me at all I don't meet a stranger, and I introduced myself and thanked him for serving our country. LT. Hyatt, was so kind to us. He has served one tour in Iraq, and now his son and wife both are serving. His wife just so happens to be at the same camp that Michael is at.

Lieutenant Hyatt and myself.

Our friends Owen and Dawn from Bude, Cornwall England. Owen and Dawn both can not get over how patriotic we are here in the USA. Owen says that this day in Endland does not have the same meaning. This picture was taken at exactly 1100, he told the significance of the time. They call today in England Rememberance Day. Owen and Dawn both said that they would never forget this day.

My brave parents in the cherry picker. Thanks Dad for taking the video of it for me.


Erik Holtan said...

Man that is a cool tribute!
Very great idea, and it would be nice to visit! Hopefully soon they can slow down the adding of flags!
Have a great weekend!

~K said...

I am with Erik, hopefully soon....
Love this post too. Glad you went back and were able to meet LT. Hyatt.

Keith said...

Stacy, I was a great Honor getting to meet both you and Lt. Hyatt. I have tried to send you more pictures from The Healing Field the day we met, but the e-mail came back undeliverable. E-mail me, maybe i have your e-mail address wrong. ( Keith Mears (USMC '81-'85)

~K said...

Thank you so much for the smile you put on Handsomes face. He is walking around as proud as a peacock. Showing everyone in the store his new shirt. Thanks for All of it. Thank You Stacy.

Katy said...

How beautiful. I imagine the emotions being there bring out are just overwhelming.


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