Wednesday, December 28, 2005



Michael getting a much needed hug from Grandmother.

Justin and Lauren welcoming Michael home.

Michael opening up a present from Uncle Troy & Aunt Dee.

The oh so tired soldier, but he still managed to have a smile on his face the whole night.

~K this one is for you. The very first thing he did after unloading the car when he walked in the house was go check on his MOTO that we kept in the bedroom while he was in the sand. Then the next day, he had it outside and was taking it for a spin.

Thanks to everyone for letting me share this last long year with you all. It has been long and tough, but it is finally over.


~K said...

Didn't suprise me his choice was his Motorcycle.
I am so glad he is home. Look at them eyes, he does look tired. Yet excited. I keep visiting you just to see the words again, BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER.
I called my Mom and she was so happy. She said "something" had to go right this year. (thats a good thing)
Dang maybe I'll end up on the floor if I don't stop dancing in my seat.
I am so glad Michael is with you again Stacy. No more sand!!!

Call Me Grandma said...

Thanks Michael for serving!
Thank God you made it home safe and sound.
Have fun on that moto.

David M said...

Don't thank us...thank you for sharing!

Wayne's Mom said...

WOW, Stacy!! I can feel the hugs all the way from here. But I'm not so sure I wouldn't be more afraid of the Moto than the Sand! Tell him Wayne's mom said so!

momsgoneloony said...

Thanks Michael so much for serving this country and for keeping my kidz and family safe. My son and daughter have one answer when asked what a hero is, their answer?? A soldier!! Nathan,2, says, "oohh...errr...ahhh...cookie" I think cookie means soldier..don't y'all?

Pamela Reece said...

Yippee and hoowahh!!! What wonderful pix!! Welcome home, Michael!!! Thank you for your service to the great nation of are a part of history and we are so proud of you!!!

**doing the butt dance**(not a pretty sight but, hey, it's worth the humiliation!)

Al's Girl said...

I have been checking back and checking back for pics - they were awesome! Thank you so much for making my day!

I'm so glad that Michael is home - and safe - thanks for being my deployment buddy. You have a priceless equity built up in my heart if you ever need to cash it in.

yankeemom said...

Awww, Stacy! Thank that soldier of yours for me! Awww! the photos made me tear up! Wonderful! Just wonderful!!

Beth said...

Wow - this is wonderful. I'm glad I stumbled on your site tonight. I'm going to read a lot tonight.

What a wonderful Christmas present. My son also joined the Army shortly after 9/11/2001. He finished college and went to Germany January 2004. He's supposed to be deployed to Iraq soon - but we don't really know when.

Congratulations - you've obviously raised a wonderful son!

Thanks for sharing the pictures - it made my day!

Crazy Politico said...

Please accept my thanks to you and Michael for sharing the last year with me.
I've gotten (and passed on) some great advice here about how to deal with future son-in-law's coming trip to the sand.

Michael, be careful on that bike, those things are dangerous. Enjoy your time back with the family, welcome home and thank you for your service.

Chevy Rose said...

What a wonderful gift to us all! A Mom reunioned with her son on Christmas!
Thank him for me as well, for job well done and welcome him home with one more ((hug)) from me.
God bless America and Happy New Year I pray.

Melinda said...

So great to see the updated pics! He looks handsome & healthy...all in one piece so tell him to be careful on that motorcycle! LOL

Hope his readustment is smooth and he enjoys sleeping in his own bed. :)

Army Wife said...

WOOOOO flippin HOOOO he is home, and safe!! I? am thrilled for you enjoy him, and tell him thank you!! I thank your family as raised him right, and did good too Mom!

Kandice said...

oh goodness..the good to see you all on christmas! made my day for sure!..too bad i had to leave before the moto to you guys soon.. [PS...yay michael's home!!!!! ;)]

Call Me Grandma said...

Happy New Year Stacy, Michael and Stacy's hubby. Stacy I forgot your hubby's name sorry.
May God Bless you all with a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

kbug said...

How wonderful to have your boy home again...I look forward to the time that we get to do the same with our boy. Hug him till it hurts...and give him a welcome home hug for me.


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