Sunday, January 08, 2006


They are not really new, but they are new to me. It has been two weeks since Michael got home, and we are just now getting around to looking at pictures on his computer. I have laughed and laughed until I could not laugh any more at some of the videos and pictures. I at least know that they had some fun this last year while in the sand. I found so many pictures of him that I did not have.

This is what he has been doing today.

He is not sure what he is going to do. He is still considered on active duty until the end of January. He has been visiting with friends and riding on the MOTO when the weather permits.

I will post more pictures later.


Shelley said...

Great pics, Stacey....and I'm so glad your Michael is back home safe and sound. It takes awhile for them to figure out where they are going to go from here. Our soldier, David, is doing well. He got home 2 weeks before your soldier. David starts his new job tomorrow.....and he is doing really really well mentally.....with the help of my daughter, his wife, of course!
God Bless our Soldiers!

Crazy Politico said...

Looks like he's found some fun ways to enjoy his time home.

~K said...

Isn't he just so cute!!!!!
You really should concider contacting JP about them there pics.

ThirDEE said...

Stacy, is the top pic children watching American troops leave? I figured so, but wanted to ask. I see they have backpacks... it's so sweet.:)

Katy said...

Look at that big boy!!!!

CJ said...

Tell Michael to join us on the Active Duty side. He could reclass into 97B and come to Fort Meade and work with me. We'll go MOTO riding together.

If he has any questions about Regular Army life, just give him my email. I'm not a recruiter, so I can give him the honest deal.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say Welcome home to your son Michael,And thank him for his Service to our Country I'm so glad he is home safe and sound!
We angels just love to hear of another Hero coming home.
fellow Massachusetts
Soldiers Angel

Joann said...

That is so awesome that he is home. When you said that you laughed til you couldn't laugh anymore I know there were tears within you. It's so nice that he is home and you can finally sleep without worries. You made it! Keep posting!

Andi said...

Great pictures! Looking forward to seeing more.


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