Monday, March 20, 2006


Yes he is back to work at the Adjutant General's office. Not sure what he will be doing. I don't think I knew what he actually did when he worked there before he was deployed. Maybe it's top secret or something. As I was taking this picture, he tried to tell me that I could not take his picture because of OPEC. LOL...Who does he think he is trying to fool with that line. He knows he likes to have his cute face on the blog.

Those old uniforms have got to go though. He says that they are suppose to be getting the new ACU's...With his luck, his unit will be the last to get them. Oh well, he still looks HANDSOME in whatever uniform he has on according to ~K...

~K you said you wanted to see your cutie, so here he is with his riding gear on. Hopefully this will be all that he needs to keep him cute and safe.

That's all for now. I had promised ~K a picture on the blog, even though she saw live shots last night via the web cam...Enjoy ~K...


~K said...

Don't matter what he is wearing, he gets attention don't he.
That boy is a cutie for sure.
The way he stands makes it easy to picture many metals on that uniform.
Handsome just said "Thats Michael". " He looks COOL."
We are blessed as parents arn't we?

Melinda said...

He looks like a superhero in his riding gear. :)

Kristin said...

Hi there. I came across your blog and wanted to tell you I enjoyed it very much. God Bless.

Call Me Grandma said...

Michael looks like a Star Wars trooper in that picture with the moto gear.
He is a handsome soldier no matter what he is wearing.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Aww.. u must be terribly proud! u should be!

Some Soldier's Mom said...

he looks like one of the X-Men... yeah, or superhero... soldier works. good lookin' kid ya got there, Stace. HI MICHAEL!

Wenchy said...

Love the "superhero" outfit.

I personally like the old uniforms better than the new ones!

Crazy Politico said...

Glad to see he's wearing the super gear when he rides.

Love the Opec line. Guess he figures Mom fell off a turnip truck :)

Pam said...

Nice gear.

Must be that time of year - I actually posted pictures of my bike today, here.


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