Wednesday, April 19, 2006


When the UPS man walked in my office and said you must have been extra good to be getting flowers, I looked at him and said no way they are for me. Well yes they are he said. So I began tearing into this box, and this is what I found, along with a card that says:

"Just because...I hope you have a wonderful trip! Enjoy yourself. We will be missing you... including Creature."

I have been giving out instructions for a week now on how to take care of the cat, Creature, and Michael and Marcus both tell me that she will survive. No, she definately won't get the princess treatment that she is accustomed to, but they both have assured me that she will be taken care of. Just not on her terms. She probably won't eat a thing the five days that I am gone to DC.

Thank you Michael for the beautiful flowers. Again, you did great, but all the bribbing in the world won't keep me from this trip. It is so desperately needed. SORRY!!! Ya'll won't starve in the five days that I will be gone I promise.

I think that I just might me missed before I have even left...


Elizabeth Bodin said...

The flowers are beautiful! And don't worry about this weekend, just have fun in DC. I will be in town this weekend, I'll make sure Creature gets attention.
Elizabeth Ü

~K said...

I wish I was going with you, I just know it will be a blast.
Enjoy and take lots of pics you can share with me. Give CJ a HUGE hug from me.
Call me while your there if you get the chance....would love to hear the excitement in your voice...heheh

cabutterfly said...

The flowers are absolutely beautiful. Enjoy your trip to DC.

Some Soldier's Mom said...

oh, Michael -- that was SO NICE! Don't worry, M&M, I'll take good care of her while she's in DC!

proud fan said...

What a beautiful suprise that must have been for you - wow!


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