Sunday, April 16, 2006


Was not sure I was even on the right blog. I had not realized that it had been over two weeks since my last post. Things have been so hectic the last three weeks for me. The next three days will be even worse as I try to rush around to make sure that I have not left anything undone before I head to DC for the Milblog conference.

I decided that since I was headed out of town for 5 days that I had better go spend the day with my parents. Below is a picture of what I found when I arrived.


My mom says that she will ride, but I will have to see that to believe it. Putting a helmet on her head will be a major issue...

My dad and two of his brothers drove 1700 miles round trip just to get this trike. Now they will be able to ride with all three of his brothers and their wives. I will make a good fill in just in case my mom decides that she can't do it.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.


kbug said...

What a hoot!! It's great that he'll be able to ride with his brothers. Where there's a boy, there's a toy just waiting to be matter what their age..... :)

~K said...

Michael and Grandpa can RIDE
Thats a great looking trike.
Make sure you tell Michael I am thinking of him today!!!
Give him a hug and tell Him I said
Have a GREAT DAY Cutie!!!

Army Wife said...

she will love it, and although helmet head is not much fine, a scarf and sunglasses are very Grace Kelly.....remind her of that...

Cannot wait to meet you at the conference!

Call Me Grandma said...

Wish I was going to the conference, but it is just a bad time for me.
Have fun and Godspeed.


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