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Greg & Sher desperately need our help everyone.


WARNING - Bad language ahead!

Greg is in Hattiesburg right now. He had his last doctor's appointment with his surgeon, which was supposed to release him to come home and start chemotherapy. When he was in the hospital, an Army warrant officer came and told us that he would be released on medical leave as soon as the doctor released him to come home and that all we needed to do was get Tricare to agree for him to be transferred to a doctor at home for treatment.

We did all the paperwork this officer told us to do. We contacted Tricare and worked with the surgeon and his primary care physician in Hattiesburg to do the necessary paperwork for a referral to an oncologist here at home. We researched Tricare approved doctors close to our home and found one that was still openly taking patients and did the paperwork to have all his records transferred to that doctor. Greg is coming home today and we had plans to see the new oncologist in the next two weeks and start chemotherapy as soon as possible.

The Army has decided NO. Instead, they have changed gears on us in midstream and we have been informed that the idiot dumbass warrant officer who did all our paperwork was "mistaken" and didn't fill out the proper forms and gave us incorrect information. They are now making an appointment for Greg to go to Fort Campbell in Kentucky to be evaluated further by MILITARY doctors to determine his eligiblity for medical leave. We are required to see to it that Greg goes to whatever appointment they schedule at Fort Campbell and we have to provide the money for transportation, lodging and food and turn in the proper paperwork asking for reimbursement after the fact. (Which could take months and we know this from past experience of waiting 6 months and longer for reimbursement travel expenses in the past!)

Once he is evaluated at Fort Campell, they will determine if they are going to KEEP him at Fort Campbell for treatment and chemotherapy or send him somewhere else like Walter Reed hospital, which is in freaking Washington instead of letting him come home for treatment (like we were originally promised by the idiot dumbass piece of shit low life pus bag officer wannabe that pretended to know their job and gave us "incorrect" information!) So far, none of the other "higher ups" I have talked to have been able to answer ANY of my questions. The answers and rationale change with each new ring of the phone. They quote regulations and rattle off the form numbers that need to be filled out and are NO damn help to me in any way!

I suppose it isn't enough that my husband has been separated from our family for TWO years straight and that he has CANCER (which was probably caused by the depleted uranium he was exposed to in Iraq! Everyone needs to google the hell out of that!) Now the military wants to send him somewhere else for treatment and separate him from us while he is sick!! The reasoning for this decison? It is cheaper for the military to provide medical treatment at one of their own facilities than to send a soldier home to have his family help take care of him. It doesn't matter what that does to his morale or his state of mind or his wife or his kids or his chances of recovery. It doesn't matter that he has been deployed 3 out of the last 4 yrs and been separated from his family all that time already. It doesn't matter that he has cancer and only a 60% chance of survival. All that matters is the 10% the military might save giving him chemotherapy miles away from home and his family!

Will someone please explain to me how I am supposed to travel to Kentucky or freaking Washington to take care of my husband while he on chemotherapy and juggle a job and children and figure out how to afford all of the gas, hotels and food when we are going to be losing a huge chunk of his pay and I keep losing money from time off work? What the hell are we supposed to do?!?! Will someone please explain to me why our family is being treated so unfairly when we have already sacrificed having my husband home for the last two years? We have no idea what the outcome of his treatment will be or what type of complications he could have. Why should we be put through the hell of being separated during what could be his last days?

I have been on the phone all day. No one I am calling is helping me. The Army National Guard tells me they can't help because Greg is technically active duty status and not under their jurisdiction. The Army tells me that he has to be evaluated by their doctors before he will be released to even start treatment, which is delaying his chemotherapy and putting him in danger!! We are being passed around like dirty laundry no one wants to wash!

I need your help! I want names. I want numbers. I want organizations.... I want something... anything and everything that anyone can offer me as a way to GET MY HUSBAND HOME!!!!!!


sher said...

Thank you for your support and help, Stacy. My inbox overfloweth with a wealth of helpful information. Hopefully, this mess will be untangled soon. Thanks to wonderful blogger friends ((hugs))

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This is a little late, and you have probably already done this, but I'd contact your congressman.


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