Saturday, September 02, 2006


It does not look like I will have a life outside of school this semester. It seems like all I do is study. We are having a test on Tuesday (part of it we were brought home to brief several cases), along with all kinds of homework that requires hours and hours of research. I can honestly say that I have read and read and read, and still have not got them all briefed yet. I am making some progress, it just seems like it take forever to do these briefs. I can actually say that I have learned quite a lot over these last three weeks.

It is kind of hard to study with these two holy terrors hanging around. I forgot what it was like to have kittens around. It is like having a herd of cattle in my house at times.

I took the day off today, and promised myself that I would do no research/homework or studying for my test whatsoever, and spent the day at my parents house. It was great. I stopped by the meat market and picked us up some of the finest ribeye's and Dad grilled them for us. He even had me a pound cake baking in the oven when I arrived. The joy of having a Dad who is absolutely the very best cook in the world, and I am not just saying that either. I am so glad that I decided at a very early age to learn to cook from him, and I would not trade those days for nothing in the world. He was a great teacher.

I LOVE YOU DAD...(and Mom)


Greta said...

I love when you get a little extra kitty help!

Melinda said...

Glad you took a much deserved day OFF!

Good luck with your test Tuesday. :)

Army Wife said...

Can I tell you, you are admired. The thought of a school book and homework in front of me at this juncture.....makes my skin crawl...

I am proud of you, keep it up

yankeemom said...

I'm with Army wife! I am in awe of anyone who goes back to school after 22.

Yes, kittens are fun. especially when they have races at 3 am and use the bed for the starting gate!


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