Sunday, October 01, 2006


He had a blast in Bude. We decided that we would take Henry for a visit to see my parents yesterday.

I was able to find a gallon of raw oysters and then we headed to Bude. I called my Dad to see if he had already started cooking for us, and he had, so I ask if his feelings would be hurt if I brought oysters, and the excitement in his voice said it all. We could not get there quick enough for Dad. When I called to tell him that we were finally on our way, he said he was starving.

The day was great, and we ended it by going to the Bude Fair, and Henry was a true winner. The fair people had to load him up with Bling Bling (all kinds of light up things). He was the talk of the fair, walking around with a light up pacifier around his neck, and lighty things on his harness. He received more attention than he wanted I am sure. The day was a success, and we will for sure take him again.


Army Wife said...

he looks worn out

Some Soldier's Mom said...

awesome dog... bring him along when you visit... ok, leave him with Marcus... Glad tohear your Dad is doing good (and you're such a good daughter to feed him LOL)

Melinda said...

Love those photos!!

GOOD LUCK on your paper!!! I'll be thinking of you on your big night tonight!!


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