Tuesday, November 07, 2006


He was so excited. They took both cast off to take some x-rays and to take the stitches out, then he was headed to the x-ray department. The Doc came in and said that he was healing great. He can now walk and he has his left arm free from a cast, but the right one had to go back in a hard cast for three more weeks. The hard cast will be much better than what he had, because he will not be able to take this one off and move that arm. That arm should be healed when he goes back on December 5th.
We left with me pushing an empty wheelchair and Michael with a big grin on his face. He will have to have some therapy, and his primary care physician will prescribe that this afternoon at that appointment.
He can now drive. Talk about one happy Michael. He was so ready to hear the doctor tell him that his pelvis and arms were healing right. He just did not want a hard cast, but that was a must they said. Just four weeks, and that will be off.
They had first told us that recoery would be six weeks to three months, but Michael will take what he gave him today and run with it. He will be able to go back to work on November 14th, providing that it is behind a desk like Michael told him it was. So, it looks like we are getting back to normal around our house. Michael is going to stick around a few more days to help take care of hubby after his knee surgery.



Melinda said...

WTG, Michael!!!!!

So glad to read this! Hope that recovery continues to be smooth for both Michael and your other patient. :)

Kessa Thea said...

Thank God Michael is on his way to full recovery. Talk to you soon Stacy. Take care...

LoveMyTanker said...


Call Me Grandma said...

Great news.
But Stacy, the hubby had knee surgery...I think you need a break. You certainly have had your share. Prayers going your way.

Army Wife said...


This is terrific news! I have been praying everyday!!

give the kiddo a hug....

kbug said...

Such wonderful news...I'm glad to hear it. Michael is a lucky guy. Therapy made a big difference with my hubby after his motorcycle wreck last year, but he still has some pain and swelling in his ankle. Being older doesn't help the healing process much..... :) Sounds like Thanksgiving will be a great holiday at your house...enjoy it.

yankeemom said...

Wonderful news!! Just wonderful!
Hope the knee surgery goes easily too!

The One (I know how to be) said...

Glad to know My Cutie is getting better so fast. WOO HOO!!
Hope Markus is on his way to a quick recovery as well.
huggs Lady. Take it easy.

devildog6771 said...

Great news Stacy. I am so happy for you, Michael, and the rest of your family. You guys have certainly endured enough hardship.

Thank you Michhael, for all you have sacrificed for our country. Thank you to your family as well. God Bless you all!

Crazy Politico said...

Glad to hear he's healing and getting out of some of the casts. Tell him to take care, and listen to the doctors.

Andi said...

Stacy - so happy to read of Michael's progress. I haven't stopped by as often as I should over the last few days, but I've certainly been thinking of you and Michael. Please tell Michael Happy Veterans Day.


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