Saturday, November 04, 2006


I'm headed out for a little pampering this morning, then I will head south for a very important mission with the Patriot Guard Riders. Not the kind of mission that is enjoyable, but we will show a soldiers family as much support as we possible can, and shield the Phelps group if they decide to show up for the funeral.

Michael has improved so much this past week. He has an appointment with his surgeon on Tuesday morning, then that afternoon he will see his primare care physician. We are hoping that he gets a good report, and he is hoping that those cast will come off. I don't look for that to happen, but who knows.

He has been up walking a little, and seems to be doing ok with that. Just hope that he does not get into too much trouble with the Doctor about that.

The cripple will be taking care of the cripple for the next couple of weeks. Hubby has to have knee surgery on Monday, and his recovery time will be about 6 weeks. GEES, I think I just might run away from home. Let's just hope that the two can manage while I am at work resting. LOL... If I survive the both of them being down, it will be a miracle.

Got to run, will post pictures of the mission later this afternoon.


Army Wife said...

We had two missions here I missed this week. DARN.

Glad you are going to get pampered!!

WE had pear honey this morning thanks to you

kbug said...

Holy cow, two guys down at the same time?? I see your point about running I'm so happy to hear that Michael is doing so well...must be nice to be so young and heal so fast.

My heart goes out to Sgt. Barnes' family...may he rest in peace.


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