Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Michael went for his check-up and to get his cast off yesterday. He does not have to go back to the doctor for another two months. He gave him orders for some therapy on his wrist, but other than that, he is doing great. They took x-rays and even let him bring those home with him. If I had to guess, he probablly has them hanging on his wall.
Brandon and Dawn leave in the morning at 0700 for the Memphis, Tennessee airport so they can head back to Belgium. Dawn came out tonight to tell us bye, and no tears were shed until she pulled out of the driveway. Even she did good. You could tell that she did not want to say good-bye.
The contractor came back today to do a couple of hours of work, and says that he will be back on Monday. He has a deadline of December 21, per the insurance company, so we shall see. It will be wonderful to have my kitchen back to 100%.


Army Wife said...

saying goodbye is hard...

tell those contractors to hurry up...!!

Kim said...

Gosh! Seems like ages since I've had time to stop by and get caught up... you've got a lot going on!


The One (I know how to be) said...

Just stopping bye to say HI LADY!!
I have been so busy shopping and such. Lil Dude now has to get his tonsils and adenoids out, Augh.
I hear they grow fast afterwards, I hope not I still want to carry the lil dude to bed. We enjoy that, but once he hits 50 lbs I am done I tell
Michael is soooo cute. Glad to hear his news. Hope your all doing well. I bet you miss Dawn LOTS! How is everyone doing?


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