Sunday, January 21, 2007


What do I have to do for just a few minutes of peace and quiet soaking in the tub. All I wanted to do was to soak my feet and hands in some hot water, and I can't get five minutes alone without a cat raising cane to get in the bathroom with me. Then he wants to walk around the edge and taunt me by putting one foot in the water.

I have spent the last two days and nights washing every single dish that was being put back into my NEW cabinets. I never knew that I had so many baking dishes and tupperware. I made the decision to not put another dishwasher in my new kitchen, since I only used my old one once a year (Thanksgiving). This is the one time that I wished I had listened to DH and went ahead and installed one. I am almost through with my kitchen. My hands and feet are hurting so bad.

I have learned that I am NOT a painter, and never will be. I will never again make the mistake of trying to save a little money and paint myself. I am finally done, except for some wallpaper, and that will get done soon.

I am officially cooking my first meal in my new kitchen as I am writing this post, and I am so excited. Got to get back to the chicken alfredo, turnips and cornbread and chicken and dumplins. I thought I would cook enough for the week, since I knew that I would be give out.


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Christie said...

It's time once again for the RFS Blog Awards so go get your nominations in!

kbug said...

Sounds like you're enjoying it already. We redid our kitchen about 5 years ago and have loved it ever since. Although, I put a dishwasher in instead of taking it out...and have been extremely glad I did...... :)

The One (I know how to be) said...

I have been the dishwasher my whole life. Never had one myself. Wish I
I wish I was walking in the door to your cooking today, my son made me Hotdogs and I put together a salad, and called it good.
When you going to post pictures?...hint hint

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe said...

Hi! I was blog browsing and found something for dinner. Sounds good!


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