Saturday, March 10, 2007


Chuck ask for a little help getting some MENS shoes to the Landstuhl Army Medical Center and I figured I could do that. I immediately got on the phone and called my parents because they had just mentioned Wednesday that their little local hardware store was having a sale on crocs. When my Mom told me about the sale, she figured that I could not turn down a great sale on crocs, but I immediately told her that I had plenty and did not need anymore. Then the next day I read this post and that is where it all began.

My Mom told me that they only had one or two sizes on sale and all the kids crocs on sale. I then told her to please call the owner of the store for me and explain to him that I needed a little help. She told him that I wanted to spend X amount of dollars, and could he help me out a little.

I never knew that crocs made mens shoes in these colors, and I think that BullFrog is thinking the same thing as he is checking them out.

I promise he says they are MENS shoes. I was not expecting him to help me out this much. Nine pairs of crocs should have cost me over $300.00, but I got the deal of a lifetime on these. I guess I can't complain when they cost me almost nothing. I will take all I can get. Let's just hope that they don't mind the strange colors. Not all of them are strange. If they guys won't wear them, I am not sure what the chances are of women coming through the hospital with these size feet. Oh well, it's the thought that counts, and again I am not complaining.

Now the trick is trying to figure out the best way to get them overthere. Only two pair fit in one flat rate box. Thanks to MaryAnn for the suggestion of putting them all in one box since they are so light weight.

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Some Soldier's Mom said...

if you go into almost any ER you will find the docs & nurses & techs -- who must be on their feet for HOURS wearing these -- in every color in the rainbow -- including the men! I about guantee you that they soldiers will LOVE these! You're a good woman.


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