Saturday, March 31, 2007


APRIL 7, 1986 - MARCH 21, 2007


It's been a long day. We headed out this morning at 0530 am and I did not get back home until 5:15 pm tonight. Round trip was just a few miles shy of 300 miles. Tiring, but would do it again in a heartbeat.

Talk about two small towns full of love for one Marine. Stonewall and Quitman Mississippi showed just how much CPL Dustin Lee meant to them today. It was very obvious that these two towns dearly loved Dustin.

This was CPL Lee's partner in Iraq. He was not too seriously injured in the mortar attack that took CPL Lee's life.

This dog was also assigned to work with CPT Lee, but was was retired from the United States Marine Corps' K-9 Unit due to his eye site. He now lives with CPL Lee's family.

21 Gun Salute

I counted 108 motorcycles, and stopped counting the law enforcement vehicles at 153. CPL Lee's father is on the Mississippi Highway Patrol, and they sure showed today by coming out and paying tribute to one of Mississippi's finest.

The Assembly of God Church in Stonewall, Mississippi and the Mississippi Highway Patrol made sure that the Patriot Guard Riders had a wonderful meal before we headed back on our long journey's home.


Butterfly Wife said...

Very moving. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you on behalf of Dusty and the family. We appreciate everything everyone has done for us.Our family is grateful for everyone esp. the Patriot Guard and other riders from different organizations.
If at all possible we would love to have copies of any pictures that were taken. We have been asked to get as many together to send to the Commander of Albany Log base in Ga. They are going to forward them to the Marine Commandant in Washington DC
Thank you again
Lee Rich
Dusty's Uncle

Melinda said...

Wonderfully moving photos, Stacy. I know having you anywhere near where I'm feeling low would make me feel comforted. I'm sure your presence did the same for this family. Our thoughts are with them and the towns who mourn the loss and celebrate the life of such a fine young man.

Dazd said...

What a wonderful tribute. And the Patriot Guard Riders know how to do it right.

Indiana PGR

Claire said...

Thank you for sharing this story Stacy. It is so hard to watch, and it took my breath away when I saw this Marine's birthday. He was one year to the day older than my son who is in Iraq right now. My uncle died in Germany post WWII (non-combat related), but my mother said she will never forget seeing my grandmother's body shake with each shot from the gun salute. She said it was like the bullets were piercing her own soul.

I will be praying for the family of this fallen hero. Grief is a long journey. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I can't be there for them, but I can remember and pray.


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