Saturday, April 07, 2007



A day that these VETS will remember for a long time. WLBT Channel 3 News (Video) was outside the Veterans Home waiting on us when we pulled up with the Easter Bunny on the back of one of the motorcycles.

On our way to the Veterans Home we passed by a large baseball park, and the kids were hooting and hollering like they had never seen an Easter Bunny riding a motorcycle.

The Easter Bunny passing out eggs and baskets full of goodies to all the VETS, and you would have thought that the dyed eggs were a pot of gold.

This is Cloey, she too is a resident of the home. She has been there for 14 years. She is a seeing eye dog for one of the veterans. We were told that she had to be put on a special diet, because the veterans could not help but feed her human food. She was a very sweet dog She even knows right where to walk to make the doors open so that she can come and go as she pleases.

This is Mr. Coleman, he won my heart today. He could not believe that we were there just for them. He kept thanking me for coming, and I kept thanking him for his service to our GREAT COUNTRY.
This man also was a joy to visit with. He tried to give me his patriotic hat after I told him that I liked it. He too thanks us for what we were doing several times, and you could tell that they were all very thankful that we took the time to come and visit with them. Tears streamed down his face as I hugges his neck and told him to have a Happy Easter.

Does my heart good to see the smiles on these veterans faces, and it can also bring tears to one's eyes. They were so excited to see us.



Melinda said...

What a terrific day you had! :) M2 informed me this morning that she "isn't scared of Santa Claus, but I am scared of those Easter bunnies." I'm betting if M2 had been able to be there, she would have been too busy visiting with the veterans and playing with that sweet dog to notice the gigantic Easter bunny. LOL

Butterfly Wife said...

Wow. What a generous way to spend your day. It brought tears to my eyes just reading it. I would have probably been a complete mess if I had been there in person. Thanks for all you do.


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