Saturday, May 26, 2007


We started our day out heading to Bude to visit my parents, and were told that they were having a dog show at the Great Bude Day. Marcus had worked all night and we decided to head on down and enter Henry.

The FIRST PLACE WINNER WAS HENRY. I knew that he would win, as he was the best looking dog up there.

We left after getting our prize and headed to my parents cabin for fresh tomato and fried squash sandwiches. They were better than any ribeye steak I have ever had. We then headed back to my parents house and we walked around in the yard and I just had to take a few pictures of the most beautiful magnolia I have seen in years. And of course it would be at my parents house.

My Dad and Marcus worm hunting. The small things in life that will make a man happy. Who would have thought that digging for worms would, but it did.

Then we headed back home and since I was driving, I decided to make a stop by my grand parents graves to see if the gate would be open, and it was. Usually when I go by there it is all locked up since the city now ownes it, but we got lucky today. Marcus was not crazy about the idea, but he and Henry decided to get out with me.

After a long and hot day, we are now back home in the AC and getting all rested for another fun filled two days.

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liberal army wife said...

Now, that is a glorious dog! of course he won... duh... and the sammiches... oh they sound so wonderful!

Boys, mud, worms. Now that's fun!



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