Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Two very touching letters of appreciation that I wanted to share.

Patriot Guard Riders,

Words cannot even begin to express our sincere appreciation for all of the incredible support that began the moment you were notified of our fallen soldier, Cpl Dustin J Lee. None of us ever imagined we would have to plan a funeral for our love at such a young age.

We couldn't believe the number of you that rearranged your schedules to ride numerous miles and take part in bringing Dustin home. We worried that there might be protesters to come and interfere with the service, however, those fears were alleviated just by the sound of all the motorcycles. Just the mere sound of all those engines rumbling at the same time was comforting. Everyone ordinarily stands silently not knowing what to say, but your motorcycles said many touching words that could never come from any human being. We understand that you ride in memory of the fallen soldiers that served with you, those who served before you and those currently serving.

Dustin loved riding motorcycles. I am sure that he would have enjoyed meeting each of you. I bet that when all you angels get to heaven, he'll want to ride, too. He always looked so good in a do-rag. We can only imagine how wonderful he looks in a crown.

Our family hopes that all of you that were able to come, able to hold a flag at the service, or just said a prayer for us are blessed amenably, because we were richly blessed by you. Each and every one that lined the church sidewalk, that followed in the procession, and surrounded the graveside service with the American flag will be in our hearts forever. It provided such a beautiful patriotic backdrop for our hero's service. Dustin had so much compassion for others. Thank you for all returning that same compassion.

To America, we have lost a Fallen Soldier. To our family, friends, servicemen and community we have lost a Hero. Please, let your American Flags fly like never before; for it is on angels' wings that our Cpl Dustin Jerome Lee will soar.

With sincere appreciation,
Jerome, Rachel Lee and Family


Butterfly Wife said...

The letter from the family is so touching. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

I read this letter and thought: what is the point of all this sorrow ans pain of families like this, is there any real necessity for people to be killed and mourned over. All my sympathy for you can't be expressed in words.


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