Sunday, June 17, 2007



The smartest man I know. He has always steered me in the right direction, always given the very best advice, always been there for me, always told me the truth, always been the very best caring and family man I know.

I am a Daddy's Girl and don't mind telling anyone. My Dad is one great reason why I turned out okay. He taught me to stand up and have my say. He taught me to never tell a lie and to always be honest. He taught me right from wrong. He taught me how to be kind to my elders. HE IS THE ONE THAT TAUGHT ME EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT COOKING. He is a wonderful cook. He is the kind of man who'll hand you the shirt right off his back and never expect anything in return. He has always been a huge influence in my life.

I can only remember one time in my 44 years that he could not answer a question that I ask him, and to this day, we look back and laugh about that one question that he was not able to answer. We were driving across the Mississippi River Bridge and I ask him how deep the water was in a certain spot. When he said that he did not know, it broke my heart. LOL...A few minutes later he came up with a depth for me so that I would quit crying I think.

He knew the trick of giving me the right amount of slack when I was growing up, and even if I'd mess things up, he wasn't keeping track I don't think.

I can remember lots of talks. Gosh how I wish he would have just taken his belt out instead. Those low tone talks that I received were the worst I think. He has always loved his kids with all his heart. He has taught his four childred well, and we would not trade him for nothing in the world.

I have never heard him say a cuss word. Never heard him raise his voice. Never heard him argue. Never heard him be disrespectful.


This is why I am a Daddy's Girl...


Army Wife said...

as someone that knows you...

he did good.

Claire said...

He sounds like a wonderful man, and I can see through your writings that he certainly raised a strong, smart and kind hearted woman. I am sure he is as proud of you as you are of him. It's nice to have that mutual admiration in a father/daughter relationship.

Kim said...

What a wonderful post!!


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