Sunday, June 10, 2007


DH caught me picking his first tomato from the garden. I just could not resist. We will be having this season's first fried squash and tomato sandwich today for sure. It's a shame we ate so many home made rolls for breakfast or we would be eating a sandwich now.

I was not quite ready for the canning to begin, but looks like I don't have much say so in that matter. I have already put up enough squash to last until next year just from 5 plants. DH won't tell me what he did different this year to make the squash produce so much, but I think I might have it figured out.


Army Wife said...


Do you just fry the squash or tomatoes too?

Kim said...

OMG... you're making me hungry! :)

Butterfly Wife said...

Sounds yummy!

Maybe the trick in the garden is due to global warming????


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