Saturday, June 02, 2007


It's only June and it is way too hot to go outside. I was not out there but maybe five minutes and that was about four minutes too long, but did manage to take a few pictures of the garden that is going to be more than I can handle with all the tomatoes that they are producing already.

Henry is making sure that the cats and ducks don't get in the garden.

This plant has so many tomatoes on it. DH has had to add more rebar to help hold them up this year. This is the tomato that he has named after my Dad (The George Price Tomato). We are working on getting it officially named through the County Extension Office.

I will be busy for the next several weeks at work, then the kids will be in from Belgium for a long visit and if things go as they hope, they might be coming home for good. We are keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes through. I sure miss my shopping partner in crime.


Anonymous said...

Wow! And here I am cravin' green fried tomatoes. ;-)

Stay cool, take care of yourself and - thanks for sharin' the pictures!


Anonymous said...

ooooo looks like some tomato sandwiches are in the making before long...YUM...

Can't wait for Dawn and Brandon to be back!

Can't wait for myself to be back has rained 2 days straight and it is MISERABLE!

Hope things are going ok..


Greta said...

Sounds like you need a road trip to a place in Mandeville with a pool!!! And in desperate need of someone with a green thumb!

Army Wife said...

Holy Moses, those are not tomato plants, darling those are TREES!!

YUMMY, yaw'l will have tomato pie, samiches, sauces, juices, fried BLT's

I am starting to sound like Forrest Gump and the shrimps. ( Or srimps as Paula deen calls them)

We love maters here!!

I love my cookbook!! Thank you...and a proper note is on the way soon I assure you

Melinda said...

Geez-a-loo! If my tomato plant (I'm starting plant in one container...depending on how I do, I can talk Hubs into the tomato planter thing I want next summer) gets that big, we're in trouble!

Looks soooo good, though! Good job!

Butterfly Wife said...

What a good guard(en) dog you got there! Mine would eat it all themselves. Hmmm. Enjoy the tomatoes!

Army Wife said...

tomato preserves, tomato dumplings, stewed tomatos

Call Me Grandma said...

Wow! now that is what you call a tomato plant.

Andi said...

Henry is so handsome!!!

Oh, and there's nothing like home-grown tomatoes. Yummy...

MaryAnn said...

Henry is very handsome, but he also looks HOT!

A tomato and a salt shaker... that's all you need ;-)


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