Saturday, July 28, 2007


It is a for sure thing and I am certain of that. Only five more days in this cast, and he is putting me in a brace. I ran into the Doc in a restaurant earlier today and he just made my day. Says that I have been good. Even said that I should start putting just a little bit of weight on it between now and Thursday. Told me to bring my a thick sock, tennis shoe for my good foot and my crutches. He says the knee thingie will be history and I will be on the crutches for two to three weeks, but will be able to put some weight on my foot with the brace on.

He instructed me to have DH get a rubbermaid container and fill it half full with sand so that I can start my theraphy as soon as I get home on Thursday. Not sure about the sand. I have never liked sand inbetween my toes. LOL... He says that I can't just start walking without crutches, that I will have to gradually work up to one crutch and then no crutch at all.

Needless to say, I AM VERY EXCITED. It's a good thing he is my bosses good friend. Not sure that I would be treated this well if I did not have a good connection. He is a great surgeon, and I feel like he treats all his patients this well, but still nice to know that all I have to do get the boss to make the call and I am in there that same day.

I am just a little nervous about putting a little weight on this thing. I would normally say ok, let's try this, but I just don't seem to excited. Maybe I am just a little scared.


Butterfly Wife said...

It is OK to be scared. But if you want an inspiring story, go to Life in a Cracker Box and read about JR getting back on that log.

Good luck making it through these last few days!

Kim said...

Thank you!
And hey, I'm scared and excited for you too!

Claire said...

Good luck Stacy! You will be amazed at how wonderfully well the stabilizing boot (or walking cast) will keep your foot from hurting. Keep us posted!


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