Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Me and this thing just do not get along. Everybody has been telling me that it was going to happen, and today was the day that I busted it big time. When I says big time, I mean that literally. At least I fell in the office and no one saw it. It took me a few minutes to get back up, and when I finally made it back to the bosses office, he knew that something had happened. He says that he is going to just go ahead and take me to the retirement center and let me pick out one of those walkers with a basket on the front.

It was all I could do to not shed a tear. It hurt like hell. My bad foot caught all my weight, but my arm also got caught on a table and it is already bruised. My foot is very swollen tonight, but I kind of figured that would happen. I will give it until tomorrow afternoon and if it is not better, then back to the doctor I will go.

Since I can't get up and go outside to take the pictures of the hummingbirds, these will have to do. The kitty has not left the chest that is under the window in over two hours now. You can hear her making all kinds of noises, and her little mouth just quivers everytime she see a hummingbird. Little does she know, she will never be fast enough to get one of these little critters.

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Ahhh Stacy. I just HATE that you're havin' to deal with all that. All I can say is "hang in there", be careful, and know that we care.....



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