Sunday, July 22, 2007


It was so nice out this morning I decided to venture out the back door and do a little picture taking and this is all I could find by scooting around on my butt on the back deck. LOL...

Then my best friend Carol called and wanted to know if I wanted her to come up and take me to town. Well I was just itching to go buy a few groceries, but somehow never ended up at the grocery store. We hit Academy and the mall and by that time I was give out. I had to make sure I had not forgotten how to spend money. It all came back to me in no time at all. My plan was to find a pair of shoes that had a higher sole on them, and we managed to find two pair, and it definately helps me on the knee thingie.

I am give out, but I will sleep well tonight for sure.


Katana said...

Hey, I'm browsing around blogs on a lazy sunday and found you on Devildog's blogroll and started reading through your site.

What kind of dog do you have? Is that a German Shepherd?He looks like onw happy dawg!

Guard Wife said...

I'm glad you found some footwear that is working for you! Your poor tootsies!!


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