Saturday, August 11, 2007


DH says he guesses that I wrote the book on having a "stupid husband". Just let me tell you what happened. We were riding down the road tonight coming back from the Sonic from Hell and he says that I have to tell you what a stupid thing I did the other day, but I guess you wrote the book on having a stupid husband so I probably don't even have to tell you this story, but here it goes. He actually dodged a frog in the freaking road. Can you believe that crap. A dam frog. What a retard I told him he was and I even agreed with him on the stupid part.

Then we were driving up the driveway and he says "I am going to go and turn the water off that I left on earlier, and by the time I get up to the house you might be just getting out of the car with your slow self." That was after I had hit him in the head with my crutches trying to get them out of the back seat of his car that were stuck. Well I broke record speed and made it out of the car and up to the porch just as he did, and being the oh so sweet DH that he is, he lets the dang big white dog in before me AGAIN. Well I have fixed that crap. I accidentally put a crutch down on his bare foot. LOL... He is thinking that I did it intentionally, but really it was an accident, but a funny one to me...I think he has learned his lesson to not make fun of me any more. I have been slow all day for some reason or another.

We met my niece in town with her two kids so that I could buy them shoes for their birthday, and I thought that the 4 year old was going to tear the store up running everywhere. We finally got the shoes bought, and they wanted to ride with up to Bude. I warned them that they would have to sit in the back of the PT Cruiser with the big white dog and they were all excited. Talk about a road trip. We laughed all the way to my parents house. I won't even begin to tell you some of the things that DH was teaching my 4 year old nephew. Everyone at my parents house new before the party was over what grose things he and DH talked about. DH had him convinced that the gumbo that we were going to eat was made with gum. That is just one of the things that these two discussed. We laughed so hard that we were crying before we made it to my parents house.

The August Birthday Party was great. It's always great to walk in my folks house and see and hear so much joy. DH forgot to get my camera out of the car so I did not get any pictures, but I made him take me for a stoll with the camera after we got home, and gosh was it HOT still at 6:30 pm tonight. I thought I would snap a picture of just how hot it was. It was 102 earlier...

I have graduated to just a lace up brace and working very hard on my at home therapy so that hopefully by Wednesday I will only have to use one crutch.


nationalguardwife said...

Little Boys are so much fun to have those talks with. I know my Boys love the talks we have. LOL Glad yall had a wonderful time. God luck getting to one crutch by Wed. I am pulling for you.

Claire said...

Hey, those crutches come in handy for more things than walking! They are good husband trainers too! :)

I am glad that you are on the road to recovery!


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