Friday, September 07, 2007

Just could not resist this one...

This is everyday I find this cat doing something crazy. He has Binky scared of him, but she must not mind cause she still sleeps right beside him. I have never had a cat that will worry you to death to scratch his belly until Bullfrog came along. He has the run of the house for sure. He does just what he wants. He even has the big white gorilla trained.

I will be going on my first mission since ankle surgery tomorrow with the Mississippi PGR. It's the father to the Mississippi Patriot Guard's contact with the Mississippi National Guard and that makes it one of our own. It will be very hot.

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Some Soldier's Mom said...

well, drink lots of water, wear a brimmed hat (it really does make you cooler) -- like I have to tell a GRITS to wear a brimmed hat -- sheesh -- and wear lots light colored clothing... right -- like I have to tell a GRITS that either! Be safe. All honor to the PGR.


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