Monday, September 03, 2007


You got to hand it to Mississippi for still trying to pick up the pieces of Katrina and keep on going. After two years it is still so very sad to go to our Coast and still see all the devastation. Not sure if it will ever be the same according to what we saw today.

We only found two Casino's back up and running along the beach. There are no gas stations whatsoever on Highway 90 open any longer. Not sure how far you have to go North before you can find one, but we made sure we had a full tank before we got close. We did find the Federal Courthouse which was one a a very few building that survived Katrina. It was built one year before Katrina hit, and it had a lot of water damage and was back up and holding Court in less than one year.

We managed to get in a little shopping at the Outlet Mall. The Coach store was our first stop and yes I just could not resist. What is a girl suppose to do when she sees a purse that she just can't live without. BUY IT...

Dan M. Russell, Jr.
United States Courthouse

This was the only place we could find on Highway 90 to eat

An older home being restored.

This used to be one of the old homes that sat right on the beach.

That was the name of this FEMA Trailer Park...

Still so much left to do. It will take years.

This was the cleanest part of the Coast we could find.

This was on the Gulfport end...

This used to be a famous spot for buying souveniers.
Not sure what is going to happen with it...

7 hours driving round trip, but it was worth it...That retail therapy was needed. I think the Coach store did the trick.


kbug said...

Sounds like you had a good time, but it's so sad to see the devastation along the coast. We still hear so much about New Orleans, but people tend to forget that Mississippi actually caught the brunt of the storm.

Call Me Grandma said...

I know back in 2005 when Dan was there getting ready to go to Iraq, we visited the Casinos. We went in and played the one that was a barge out in the gulf.
It certainly was beautiful down around there. The old southern homes that sat right across the road from the beach were so beautiful. What a shame for our country to lose these beautiful historical sites.

Anonymous said...

Many seem to have forgotten that La. was not the only state affected. It was, however, the state that to me seemed the least able to meet the needs of its own and seemed quite ready, willing, and able to push off blame for their disaster everywhere but at home.

If the Federal Government didn't fix the levees, why wasn't La. pushing harder to make it happen?

Great post and pictures.



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