Sunday, September 23, 2007


It has been 30 plus years since I have been to The Old Country Store in Lorman, Mississippi. It is in the middle of no where and it used to sit right in a curve on the side of Highway 61, but they have since put in a 4-lane highway and I almost passed it right up. It was not like I remember it either.

It was about an hour south of the house and I was meeting friends for lunch today, because we had heard that this man cooks the best fried chicken in the South. We heard right. Not sure what he has been doing to it all these years, but he sure knows how to cook some fried chicken. He states that one key fact is he never uses frozen meat. Says that his birds go straight from the market to the frying pan. Another key is that he says he changes the vegetable oil often.

We walked in the 130 year old wooden structure/building and were greated by Arthur Davis himself, saying "welcome, come on in, best fried chicken in the south..." All you can eat for $6.95 and the best sweet tea, peach cobbler and blackberry cobbler you will ever find. He even sang to us as we nawed on our chicken bones and lapped up our juice from the greens with his fine cornbread. If just can't get any better.
The cotton fields we don't see here too often either. Just in certain parts of the state. I used to beg my Dad to stop and let me pick a "saucer" of cotton as a child. Don't asks me why I called it a "saucer", cause I just plain don't remember the reasoning behind that.

So today was my trip down memory lane, and it was well worth the hour drive...We were all full as ticks...


Anonymous said...

I've heard of that place!! Ohhhh fried chicken and sweet tea.......

It sounds like a wonderful day. I'm so glad for you!! And I just love to hear how much you enjoyed it!!!


Greta said...

Sounds like I need to pack up the whole fam damily and head there!!!


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