Friday, November 02, 2007

New Biloxi Bay bridge opens

No better way to open the new bridge that connects Ocean Springs and Biloxi Mississippi than to have the Mississippi Patriot Guard Riders lead the way. That is us folks. We received National attention yesterday and it was great.

The new 1.6-mile bridge, which opened lst night, restores the last broken link in coastal U.S. 90, a landmark in the region's recovery from the Aug. 29, 2005, hurricane.

Two of the bridge's six lanes were opened to traffic Thursday.

All six lanes of the new bridge along with a path for pedestrians and bicyclists are to be open by April 2008.

Mississippi is coming back stronger than ever after KATRINA, just taking a little longer than some expected.


Army Wife said...

great photo! I have not been on the bike in ages, I am about ready to go!

White Rose said...

I am soooo jelous. I was on the roade and didn't get to ride that day. I plan on being at the parade in Gulf Port this weekend. I hope to see ya there.


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