Saturday, December 22, 2007

Welcome Home Lex, Retired USMC, K-9

It was a long trip for Lex and the Lee's, but they have finally made it back to Mississippi. The rain held off until we all safely arrived back home.

Their Christmas will be a little brighter with Lex's presence.

Welcome Home Lex and Merry Christmas to you all.


Tammi said...


But ohhh that last photo really got me.....

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Lex! Merry Christmas to you all and congratulations.
Cathy B

Some Soldier's Mom said...

Welcome to your new home, Lex! And thanks to the PGR for the fine escort and tribute!

Flag Gazer said...

I sat and cried when the story came on the news. I am so glad Lex is home.

White Rose said...

You have some great pictures. I forgot my camera and the ones I got were from Lonnie, and you know how men are.

Anyway, it was great to see you again. We are going to have to find the time to get together some time and do lunch.


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