Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Care Packages

I have adopted a new Soldier, and his boots have only been on the ground for less than 30 days, and I just sent my second package off to him today. He has got a whole bunch of Mississippi Patriot Guard Riders that are going to take extra special care of him for the next 5 months. This Soldier is kind of special the the Patriot Guard Riders, so we are making sure that we take care of one of our own from Mississippi. 

Included in care package #2:

Apple Ipod Nano (I went overboard I know, but I had some help)
Case and charger for the Nano
A Soldiers Courage (book written by a MS Soldier's wife)
Beef Jerkey
8 packed of gatorade mix
Sudoku book
Marshmellow treats by Little Debbie

It is so nice to know what you are going to get for them before you ever go to the store. He loves Little Debbie's and beef jerkey, so that helps a lot. He says that he should own stock in Little Debbie's for sure. I sent him an email telling him that I was mailing him a package out and to let me know if there was anything I could send him, and he suggested gatorade. So off I went bright and early this morning to get the gatorade. 

I filled his Apple Nano up with the kind of music he likes, pictures of his family and animals, several audio books and two movies. I also included some instructions on how to operate the Nano since he has no clue about one. He will have lots of fun with it I am sure.

The nice folks at the local Post Office know that when they see me coming in with a package that I am an easy customer, as I have all my paperwork already filled out and the postage is already on the package and they have nothing to do but enter it into the computer.

I left out his little portable speaker for his Ipod by mistake, so looks like another package will have to be shipped in the next day or two. I am sure I can find some Little Debbie snacks to fill it up with.


Katy said...

That is so wonderful. I know when Clint was in Iraq, he was so touched by the people from home who offered up somuch support.

Mad Hatter said...

you are awesome


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