Saturday, January 12, 2008

"A Soldier's Courage"

A book to read. It is a must. Maybe it's because I am partial because they are from Mississippi, but it is a great book. Janis tells it like it was at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and tells about all the hell they went through since he was wounded.

This book was written by Janis W. Galatas, wife to Sergeant First Class Norris Galatas from Meridian, Mississippi. SFC Galatas was a soldier with the Mississippi Army National Guard who served with the 155th Brigade Combat Team and was wounded by an IED blast on April 19, 2005.

After nearly three years, he is still recovering from his injuries, with his 19th and hopefully last surgery (9 hours long) having taken place October 18, 2007 to replace torn mesh in his abdomen and once again close him up.

SFC Galatas is being medically retired from the Army with an 80% permanent disability rating. He will be officially retired on January 27, 2008 and will return home to his family and friends to enjoy his retirement.

 A Soldier's Courage can be purchased at Amazon.

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Guard Wife said...

Looks like another book to add to my reading wish list!


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