Wednesday, February 13, 2008


We all know that tomorrow is one of the busiest days of the year for florist, and it is a day that don't pay any attention to whatsoever.  Personally I am not a flower person, and to know that someone paid three times as much money on this one day of the year for it, just makes my blood boil.  Hubby gets off scott free on this day.   I can do so much more with the money that is spent on this day, and put it to much better use.  I do not expect a thing, not even a card, but I do go a little overboard with my adopted soldiers at this time of the year to make up for it.  My soldier has received his valentine's care package and is enjoying it I know.

P.S.  Leaving for Ft. Walton Beach, Florida at 0500 Friday morning, so stay tuned for lots of pictures of the history making weekend.  Most of the family has decided to not ride the bikes since the forecast says rain all weekend long.  Hopefully Henry and Lizzie will be on their best behavior.  Hubby is prepared to keep them occupied at the beach and the park if need be.  It will be a great weekend for all, trust me on this one.   Stay tuned for more details...

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