Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lessons learned the hard way..



These last 7 days have been adventurous to say the least.  I have learned more than I care to ever learn in 7 shorts days again...

Lessons learned:

1)  Learned how to mow with a zero turn lawnmower without tearing it up.
2)  Learned that you don't have to use the choke after you briefly stopped to take a water break.
3)  Learned to wear gloves when push mowing (dang blisters hurt).
4)  That I can't mow 2.5 acres of 8.4 all in one day, because it just won't happen in my lifetime.
5)  Not to tell Henry that he is fixing to get a bath, as he decided it was time to go romping through the woods and not come home for hours.
6)  Always turn the back porch light on at 0445 in the morning before heading out to feed the three puppies in the back yard.  (Tetanus shot probably needed).
7)  That I will not have any free time for the next year while DH is gone.
8)  That making a list at the beginning of the week might be a good idea.
9)  How to use a pressure washer.
10) How to crank the generator for it's monthly hour long run.
11) How to keep my house spotless (be there right by myself)
12) That I can't keep up the house, the yard, gardening and canning right by myself.
13) That your back will kill you if you are on your hands and knees for 4 hours scrubbing a 20 X 20 porch.
14) That nothing will get done on it's own, someone has to do it, and looks like it is just me, myself and I for a while.

I think that was enough for one week.  Let's hope the next 10-12 months are not as hectic as the last week has been.  I had no free time whatsoever.  My nerves have been tested the past 7 days. 

I will survive and will be a better person for having tackled everything right by myself without asking for any help...

Before I forget, today is a very special someone's birthday...

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Navy CPO said...

You need to find a couple of neighbor kids to mow that field.

She had a B-day and didn't tell anyone? :-<


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