Sunday, July 27, 2008


Not how I wanted to spend my Sunday afternoon, but it had to be done. I finally coaxed him into my car and off we went. He could hardly walk. Our Vet was waiting on us when we pulled up and as soon as he saw Henry walk he knew what the problem was. I had thought that he might have had a heat stroke since he was outside yesterday when all of a sudden he could not walk. Hip Dysplasia is very common in German Shepherds and Henry was diagnosed with it at a very early age of just 6 months. Looks like he will have to be on Rimadyl from now on.


Guard Wife said...

Oh, the hip dysplasia. I hope the drugs will help.

Oscar had been on Rimadyl off and on during his life for arthritic pain. It seemed to be good medicine for what ailed him and I hope it will work as well for Henry on a long term basis. He's such a handsome boy!!

Butterfly Wife said...

Poor Henry. I hope the medicine helps him.

Navy CPO said...

Good looking dog. Don't know if I've seen a white shephard before.

Hope the meds work.

Anonymous said...

be sure to get his liver checked as often as they recommend... ours is on metacam a new non-steroid anti-inflammatory for doggie arthritis which works WONDERFUL and has fewer side effects (but doesn't work for all dogs)... and can be combined with some other prescription pain meds... ours acts just like a puppy again despite two blown knees and bad hips!

Anonymous said...

Please do a google search about rimadyl. You can also visit the senior dog project for information about it and safer alternatives.

Last year my dog died after being put on it. Your dog is so young there's many safer things you can do.

I had a swiss mt dog that was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 4 months. He lived till over 12 yrs. The best thing I ever did for him was visits to the chiropractor when needed.

Kim said...

Hey Girl. He's beautiful. So sorry about his hips...


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