Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have decided to do a little Christmas shopping online today. I have found some wonderful deals, but can't reveal what I purchases because everyone still reads my blog. I have already seen the sale papers for Friday here in our area, and I would not be able to beat the online prices with no taxes and free shipping.  

Today will be a short day at work and then the real work begins.  I will have my Dad's whole side of the family at my house again tomorrow, and since I will be getting ready for it all by myself, I really will have a busy afternoon and night.  I am hoping that the weather will be nice tomorrow so that we can set the tables up outside, that way my house just might stay looking half way clean.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Remember if you have not already made your donation to Valor-IT, please do so quickly.  I have made mine, and yes I clicked on the Air Force button this year.  Since the Army was kicking you know what, I thought I would help the Air Force out.  That does not mean that I am not ARMY though.  Will always be ARMY as long as they have my son...


Army Wife said...

online shopping has become quite the money and time saver!

Enjoy your turkey, give your folks hugs...

and thank you for thinking of me this week...

you have no idea how it brightened the day.

Love you.

Some Soldier's Mom said...

Have a wonderful time! Don't over do it -- let some of the others help! (and remember that sometimes LESS is MORE! Thinking of you... give your Momma & Daddy & Michael hugs from us!!

tammi said...

Happy Thanksgiving Stacy Lee. I hope it's just filled with laughter and love.

Oh, and really good food,but from what I hear, that's a given. ;-)

Infantry Dad said...

Have a great Thanksgiving day Stacy.

Fabiola said...

That’s great.!! I too always prefer online shopping. Its a fun and we can also save tons of money.


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