Thursday, November 27, 2008


It's 4:oo pm and everyone has just left and I am exhausted. My house is back in order and I am ready to call it a day.


Some Soldier's Mom said...

you all look WONDERFUL!! gla you had a good day!!

Mossback Meadow said...

Happy Thanksgiving Stacy. God bless your son - give him a hug for me.
My son just dropped out of college/ROTC to enlist and we have him home for the month. He leaves for Ft Benning after New Years. It's a bittersweet month -- I keep bursting into tears at odd moments. Keeping the Visine handy!

tammi said...

Looks and sounds like you had a fantastic Thanksgiving.

The pictures made me smile. Family? Is there anything better? Seriously.....

Army Wife said...

Girl, you had a house FULL of folks, all look well!

Take a couple of days and rest your paws!

I hope it was a wonderful day for all!


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