Thursday, January 15, 2009


Tammi made it to the house about 5:45 last night and I don't think either of us shut up until she went to bed sometime around 9:00 pm.  She was the best house guest ever.  We are way too much alike.  We both love cooking, canning and talking.  Then we were both back up bright and early this morning.  I actually had someone around to drink coffee with and talk too.  She left when I did for work and left with lots of can goods and books.

I enjoyed the short visit Tammi.  Have a safe trip.


Guard Wife said...

What a fun time! I bet you two were two peas in a pod, just like you said. I'm so happy for Tammi and super glad that her trip to her new job took her right past your door! How nice!

Greta Perry said...

Dang - I thought I was the best houseguest! Certainly Tammi didn't come with all the extras that I did - LOL! Hope you had a great visit!

Tammi said...

It was FANTASITC. Thank you sooo much.

Now. Please. Let me return the favor. ;-)

Navy CPO said...

I'm hurt. You rejected me? LOL. Stuff happens.


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