Friday, January 30, 2009



If you were driving down Interstate 20, west of Meridian Friday afternoon, you may have seen an unusual sight.

A group of five men, all veterans of some branch of service, is on a march to bring attention to the problems of veterans.

The men call themselves 'The Soule Warriors'. They began their march in Louisiana .and are bound for New York City.

They walked Friday from Newton County to Meridian as part of that journey.

"The government of America has promised the vets for so many years, that if you do this for the country, then we got your back," said Soule Warriors member Allen Mullins. "But I've met so many homeless veterans that has been shut out, denied, and lied to by the government. And it's time for somebody to stand up and try to do something and make a change to help those people out."

The Soule Warriors plan to start a foundation to supply housing and medical treatments to veterans.


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Guard Wife said...

What a neat post, Stacy! I like that you included the photos so I could hold them in my mind's eye as I read. :)

Greta Perry said...

Dang I never heard of them before! Awesome!!!


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